reflow, driven by energy and powered by expertise. We combine legal know-how with business savvy to drive your offshore wind success.

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The Dutch are known for many things. Tulips, cheese, wooden shoes, our entrepreneurial mindset, water management and a direct no-nonsense approach to business.

More importantly, what we are also known for, is the fact that we excel at harnessing the power of elements to our advantage. Our thriving offshore industry is a perfect example. 

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And thanks to the significant growth in technological possibilities, investment, and capacity, the offshore wind industry is flourishing, and opportunities for lucrative contracts in this industry are as abundant as the wind itself.

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Additionally, we handle of secondment and recruitment and we have created an online learning and training platform to share our industry knowledge. 

We firmly believe that for the energy transition to work, we must all play our part. Our part is making sure that our clients get the best deal possible through cost reduction, risk management and increased efficiency, so that they can utilise the power of the wind in lieu of fossil fuels. We fully enjoy the industry we work in and are committed to making offshore wind projects a success.

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Meet the founders

reflow is made up of skilled, experienced and driven professionals from all corners of the Earth. We have extensive knowledge of the industry and for the (small!) number of things we don't know, we've built an international network of accomplished professionals to provide us with expert advice when we need it.

Meet more
Maarten Dirkes Reflow


Is a trusted advisor and business leader in offshore wind, M&A and energy projects. Maarten uses his expertise, network and talent to support offshore wind projects, corporations, investment funds, private equity firms and venture capitalists with their investment ambitions. For fun, Maarten enjoys travelling, cooking, socialising with friends and being outdoors.

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Peter Masselink Reflow


Has extensive experience in development, contracting (FIDIC, LOGIC and IMCA) and financing of wind projects, both offshore and onshore. With a background in law and business, Peter is a skilled dealmaker and people manager who has successfully led cross-functional teams and managed relationships with governments, investors, lenders and contractors. In his free time, Peter loves playing tennis, football and padel. His outgoing personality and passion for fun make him a great team player, both on and off the field.

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Our way of working

We take on an active role in the successful delivery of your windpark-based endeavours. We use sniper-like precision to manage your contracts, resolve claims and disputes, mitigate risk and maximise profitability. We have the drive, experience, know-how and capacity to analyse, advise and manage even the most intricate international contracts.

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1. Analysis and Assessment

We quickly identify the scope of work, identify opportunities, assess risks and address existing challenges in your project. We pay special attention to managing costs and maximising profitability.

2. Design Strategy

We have collaborated on renewable energy construction projects across the globe and in an array of industries. This ensures that we have the right tools, knowledge and mindset to create a bespoke strategy to navigate your contract.

3. Team Assembly and Execution

We spare no effort to assemble a team that provides your organisation with what it needs: the strategy to manage your contracts, the capacity to execute them, and the know-how to mitigate risks.

4. Monitor and Support

When you choose us, you choose a reliable and experienced partner who stands by you throughout the whole process. We provide guidance, management, reporting, monitoring and support for as long as you need it.

Project Controls Services

Our past, present and future

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Experience in international projects until Madirco was founded


Founded Madirco


Experience in international energy projects until Madirco was founded


Amsterdam office, and international offshore wind in Taiwan and Korea


Launch Arnhem office and active on Taiwanese projects


Rebranding to reflow, growing the team in the APAC region

Our core values
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Premium quality

We believe in providing the highest possible quality of contracting and people for the offshore wind industry.

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We enjoy the work we do and the renewable projects we have the privilege of working on. We believe that you are at your best performance, when you have fun in what you do.

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We believe in working pragmatically to drive progress in projects, without taking shortcuts on quality.

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Be part of something bigger

With a rapidly expanding offshore wind industry, there is no shortage of opportunities for growth and development, for all experience levels. We are always on the lookout for new talent, whether you are a seasoned professional or a motivated diamond in the rough. So, don’t wait, power up your future with us today!

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